Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket is an annual, one-time registration fee for one year of dues, the main lodge events, and unlimited Ordeal staffing. Golden Ticket holders still need to register for each event to help ensure there is enough food and program supplies. There is no charge to register for the individual events (unless you register after the late fee begins). The Golden Tickets purchased online will be mailed. Golden Tickers purchased during a lodge event will be given in person.

Golden Tickets are only $240 (and this offers well over $330 of event registration value!) and includes fees for:

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The Scholarship Golden Ticket includes everything offered for Golden Ticket plus Vigil Weekend (must be a Vigil member to attend) and $25 goes to scholarships to help offset the cost of attending lodge events for youth Arrowmen needing financial assistance. The price is only $295 and offers great value.  Scholarship Golden Ticket holders also receive a 2024 Scholarship Golden Ticket flap AND the 2024 Golden Ticket flap (you get BOTH)!

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NEW for 2024: you can purchase extra Golden Ticket flaps when you register!

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