Colonneh Lodge Committees

To carry out the program of the lodge, several lodge operating committees have been established. All Arrowmen should serve on at least one lodge committee.  Please let us know a little bit about you and your areas of interest, so we can find the committee that’s best for you. If you would like to serve on a specific committee, let us know in the "additional information” section. 

Committee members are expected to attend the Lodge Leadership Development (LLD), Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings and lodge events.  In addition, committee members may be asked to attend committee meetings and conference calls.

All lodge members volunteering to serve on a lodge committee will receive a free lodge committee patch each year!  ​

Lodge Committees

Please check the areas where you would be interested in serving:


Administration Committee

The administration committee is responsible for registration at lodge events, staffing the Trading Post and documenting lodge history.

Communications Committee

The communications committee is responsible for promoting lodge events, producing lodge publications (e.g., eRaven, OA Troop Representative Newsletter), marketing through social media and updating the lodge website. 

Inductions Committee

The inductions committee is responsible for ensuring the smooth transition of the lodge induction process for unit elections, ordeal, and brotherhood.

Program Committee

The program committee is responsible for overseeing and running lodge events.

Service Committee

The service committee is responsible for promoting camps, providing service at Scout Fair and lodge events, conducting lodge service projects, and maintaining lodge equipment.

Additional Information